What is Young Life?
Young Life is having fun and being yourself.  It's hanging out with friends and getting a good laugh in.  It's having someone to talk to and figuring out life.  But most importantly, it's about you, God, and how the two fit together.

CCHS Young Life Club
CCHS club meets Monday nights at 7:33 in The Bridge- 310 Main, whenever we have school.  No school, no club.  Call Loren at 371-6040 for more information.
YoungLives Club
YoungLives club is a place for teen moms to enjoy friendships, support, and fun with each other.  We meet once a month, the last Tuesday of the month, at Livingstone Calvary Chapel on S. 9th (behind Touch of Love).  Call Amanda at 371-6041 for more information.
WyldLife Club
 WyldLife club is a new startup club in our area specifically for our middle school friends, grades 6-8.  We meet every other Tuesday at The Bridge- 310 Main St.  Our starting club after Christmas is Tuesday, January 17.  See below for all dates.  Call Kyle at 671-7361 for more information.



Upcoming Events

New Freshmen BBQ: Monday, August 21, 7:33 p.m. at The Bridge (310 Main)

Leadership camp: Sept. 15-17, 2017


Become a Leader!

If you are interested in becoming a Young Life leader, click here!



Support Young Life

It's through the giving of time, resources, and finances by people within our community that we exist.  Partner with us to keep Young Life thriving!  Contact us to find out how to support this ministry.

Ways to Give:
Team Young Life
Fish and Feast
Camp Fundraisers
Click here to check out ways to send kids to camp by purchasing great items!


Young Life Royal Gorge | PO Box 1052 Canon City, CO 81215-1052

Phone: (719) 371-6040

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